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We get to speak to professional ironman triathlete Sara Gross today on the Fat Black podcast all about getting women on equal standing to the men. It’s 2015 and boggles the mind that something as simple as 50 women 50 men in Kona even needs to be discussed.

Something simple that goes much deeper than the same amount of athletes starting a race. What is the message we send to younger generations going forward? It’s time for change so lets collectively make that happen.

In today's episode we discuss:

  • How Sara got to this point and breathing life into Tri Equally.
  • Andrew Messicks message.
  • How Ironman creates empowering life lessons.
  • The pro value.
  • Pro Triathlon Union.
  • Why equality is important for future generations.
  • Mentoring pathway
  • The big question around #womeninsport
  • Sara spreading the word via

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