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Today I get to speak with two seriously awesome individuals that are hell bent on making the world a better place. These two definitely play at levels way way above average and I for one am seriously grateful for it.

We speak on many things today to ultimately create a life of wild(e) performance. Which by the way is available to each and everyone of us. Yes it takes work, yes you’ll need to change things and it won’t always be easy.. But it will be worth it.

Enjoy…Cliff and Marta Wilde of Wilde Performance.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • The wilde performance story
  • How epigenetics is at play
  • The 5 buckets of well being
  • How you gut-feelings are being hijacked
  • The starting place for health
  • Why you need to suspend disbelief
  • The importance of putting your own oxygen mask on first
  • And much more

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Enjoy the show!

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