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Last week we got a whole bunch of questions from a fellow Aussie Ian who is living in the US of A and we love answering questions on the Fat Black because that way it helps our community as a whole! So if you have any just hit us up in the comments on the blog or via our emails or various social media outlets. Today we also dive into a little bit of a review of Cereal Killers 2 the movie "Run on Fat" 

In todays Episode we Cover:

  • Strategic Carb use VS strategic Fat use in training and racing.
  • Chocolate Milk for recovery - why it won't work.
  • Fuelling for long swim events.
  • Cereals Killers 2 - Run on Fat review

Show Links:

Cereal Killers 2 pre order & The Run on Fat Movie Blog

Steph Lowes "The Real Food Real" Podcast

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