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On this weeks Fat Black Podcast we get to talk with 3x ITU World Champion Peter Robertson or better known simply as Robbo. 

Robbo was an athlete that could execute when it was called for and made history when he was Australia's first athlete to qualify for the inaugural Olympic triathlon.
We talk with Robbo about his ITU past, his unfortunate collar bone break weeks out from Kona in 2014 and how he bounces back from that and of course his new business Elite Performing Minds. 

In Today’s Episode We Cover:

  • The two things you should lock at via a race debrief
  • Lessons on where you CAN make up time. 
  • The importance of having a process and how it saves time.
  • Being consistent when it counts.
  • The one factor that most miss. 
  • Strategies for mentally dealing with injuries.
  • The mindset shift.
  • A cool mind hack even though it could be placebo. 
  • And more

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Elite Performing Minds

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