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A couple of weekends back one of our TS athletes lost his wife tragically. It was completely out of the blue ... Here one day gone the next, leaving a big gapping hole and making us all question things. 

Pete wrote an article title "Stop Wasting Your Time" as we were rocked by the event. As I said, it made us question things and especially, are we truly living. Are we going through the motions or are we trying to be the best versions of ourselves. Are we where we really want to be in life? If not Why? Is there something we really want to do but keep coming up with excuses why we 'can't' (there is that worlds most insidious word we can say to ourselves). 

So in todays episode of the Fat Black Podcast we wanted to discuss Get Busy Living. 

Because Life is Short. Embrace it. 

In Today’s Episode We Cover:

  • Momento Mori.
  • Are your goals YOUR Goals?
  • Questions you need to be asking.
  • Things you NEED to Do now. 
  • And so much more. 

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