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To say we are excited about this episode is an understatement! In fact Kristian stayed up past midnight to fit in with time schedules for this one!

Tim Noakes shouldn't need an introduction, he has played a pivotal role in health and performance research for over 30 years. In case you don't know about Tim .... (crazy thought), he wrote the bible for runners and running coaches in 1986 called 'The Lore of Running" which included a whole chapter on the importance of carbohydrates for athletes and runners. His stance publicly changed when he ripped out that nutrition section of his famous book stating we had got it so wrong.

In Today's Episode We Cover:

  • Why he ripped out pages of his infamous "Lore of Running" book.
  • Why there is still pushback against the LCHF approach to eating.
  • The Real Meal Revolution.
  • Understanding Insulin resistance and Insulin sensitivity and why it's likely one of the most important things you can do as an athlete.
  • Where to start on your LCHF approach.
  • What you should be testing for.
  • Real world evidence.
  • Understanding the role of sodium in LCHF.
  • Going to deep, too quickly into LCHF.
  • The truth about those top end speed "loses".
  • Why banting (LCHF) increases health and performance.
  • LCHF for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Tim answers some questions from our TS athletes.

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