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Earlier this week we listened to a great podcast from the guys at Spartan who interview Scratch Lab inventor - Dr. Allen Lim.

For years Allen Lim worked with Tour de France teams and has learned a lot about working in high pressure situations and how to develop performance. In a sport that focuses so intently on marginal gains, Lim argues that athletes should be focusing less on the 1% and more on removing bottlenecks from our lives. This gives way to a much better focus and performance.

So today we are discussing the bottlenecks that we see in the sport and how to solve them.

In Today's Episode We Cover:

  • Understanding marginal gains.
  • Underestimate the value of making better decisions on a daily basis.
  • The "Never Miss Twice" rule.
  • Understanding your Rate Limiting Factors.
  • Seeking to create better habits.
  • The bottlenecks we see in triathlon (and life).
  • Becoming a solution creator.
  • Learning to have fun.
  • We also discuss some important and very relevant aspects of the movie "Fed Up" (you need to watch this film!)

Show Links:

Spartan Podcast with Dr Allen Lim - this podcast goes into many more important aspects for all athletes and we took loads of notes. Required listening I must say! 

Marginal Gains by James Clear and Jame's Habits Book (free download)

FED UP - The Movie

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