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Well it's 2015 and we have an awesome year of Fat Black Episodes planned for you guys, with some amazing guests planned, and some super important topics to be addressed! So today's Episode is all about starting the year with a plan. A plan to ensure that you start the year on the right foot, with great habits and standards that will ensure you kick some ass this year and be more awesome. We also discuss some important strategies to implement if you have had a break, or are returning from injury and illness. You DO NOT want to miss these as they are crucial to your long-term success!

In Today's Awesome Episode We Discuss:

  • Re-learning your intuition.
  • Learning to have fun.
  • Enjoying the process.
  • Listening to the body.
  • Critical strategies for reorienting from illness.
  • Easy methods to start the year well.

2015 is going to be a massive year for TriSpecific and the Fat Black series! If you have suggestions on topics, or a guest speaker you want to hear from then let us know!

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