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In todays Fat Black podcast I get to speak all about fascia with Brooke Thomas of Liberated Body.

I love this topic because it so crucial to movement. Understanding fascia can really help you move better and be pain free. Those two things will make you perform better. What you have to understand is that you don't have to tolerate movement dysfunction or body aches and pains. Most chronic overuse injuries and mobility woes are reversible. The process is pretty simple... it just ain't easy!

Unfortunately Pete had to sit this interview out due to time zone differences but he and I and guests will be back on as normal from next week.

In episode 69 of the Fat Black we cover:

Why understanding fascia is crucial to your longevity and performance.

Everything is connected and our muscles don't actually originate and insert like we were taught in anatomy class!

How we move.

Compensation patterns and tensegrity.

What our soft tissue should really be like.

Variations in movement and why it's needed.

Communication failure of our bodies biggest sensory organ.

Why our feet are SO important.

How we keep our fascia health.

You can learn all about Brooke and a lot more on Fascia over at here site or follow her on social media via the links below:



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