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We continue on with the Answers Series today with some great questions from some of our coached athletes. We love questions like these because it helps us to ensure that our listeners truly understand the information that we provide.

We love the challenge of the questions, and we love looking for answers to the ones that we don't know. We certainly don't pretend to know it all! But we are prepared to seek for more....

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This weeks questions:

Q. How do you stay cool in races without your run shoes filling with water and becoming ankle 'weights'?

Q. What are the some sources of saturated fat I can look into?

Q. Can you really become fat adapted as a vegetarian?

Q. Can I substitute the lemon juice in the natural hydration mix for something else? Do I even need the lemon juice?

Q. You guys have mentioned the Maffatone methods few times, how does that fit into the TS coaching methods?

Q. What Fat Black alternatives exist for non-coffee drinkers?

Q. What wetsuit recommendations do you have?


Aqua shop

Blueseventy Westuits


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