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Today I have a cracker of a conversation with pro athlete Ben Kanute aka the connoisseur of pain. Ben is also a Professional Triathlete, Olympian, coffee enthusiast (we will get on), and world traveler. 

As usual lots of goodies for you.

Enjoy my conversation with Ben Kanute.


  • The importance of the team
  • The Olympic dream
  • Growing up in transitions
  • Outsprinting Terenzo at Island house tri
  • Making mistakes
  • Balance
  • Connoisseur of pain
  • Bens dad
  • The new Olympic format
  • The feeling of going FAST
  • Being humble
  • When things go wrong
  • The need for open and honest communication
  • Learning the ropes in Europe
  • Taking opportunities
  • The golf analogies on performance
  • Mental strategies and decision making
  • And so much more

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Learn more about Ben via his article




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Enjoy the show!

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