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Ok, today I have a returning guest, the awesome Steph Corker.

Steph is championing women getting out there and kicking ass in what has been in the past a male-dominated world. Not just out on the race course but in boardrooms across the world.

Why is Steph awesome? She has an infectious attitude, is brave to get highly uncomfortable on a path to self-betterment but also to help inspire the females that follow. She also helped me out, really when I most needed it, on a run I definitely was not fit for. Yes, I can run long, but week out Ironman shape I was not. Good times. We cover a lot on today's conversation from equality to making the jump to pro, the fears of not belonging, obsession and more.

Sit back for the ride. Be inspired. Screw the naysayers and follow your heart.



  • The new pro Ironman rule changes
  • Theme songs (see below)
  • Being humbled
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Making the jump
  • Obsession and the love of the moment
  • Clock lessons
  • Making and maintaining benchmarks
  • Consistency
  • Staying the course
  • Equality
  • Making the main thing the main thing
  • And more

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The UnCorked Podcast


The Cozumel Theme Song!

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Enjoy the show!

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