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Today, Oh this is a special one today. One for the Fat Black history books. Lionel Sanders is more than the real deal. We cover a lot in this conversation and if you aren’t fired up and ready to get after it and see what your potential is... no matter the cards you have been dealt with, after listening to this. I’m not sure what will…

This conversation shows why Lionel is so good and why he can and will be better and it gives us some solid clues, actually a bit of a roadmap to how we can be better too.

Enjoy because I thoroughly did.


  • Making the athlete
  • Finding real balance after a ‘bad’ race in St George
  • The gift that keeps on giving
  • Asking the right questions to improve
  • The time to learn to train properly
  • Trading negative addiction for positive addiction
  • The role of Barrie Shepley
  • Self confidence
  • Polarized training
  • Who Lionel is afraid of
  • The training and the importance of a journal
  • The benefit of progressive efforts
  • Doing it for the right reasons
  • How to not have a bad race
  • The fun, the game, with the cards you have been dealt
  • Talks cheap
  • Amassing fatigue
  • The support of Erin
  • Investing in himself
  • How to get rid of boredom
  • The #1 thing that dies with overtraining
  • Why you ned to shut off triathlon
  • Dealing with self talk
  • Racing angry
  • What inspires him
  • The importance of rhythm
  • On integrating positive talk
  • Single most important advice he’s ever received

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