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Today on the Fat Black, I have Rachel McBride on the show... The purple Tiger is a badass Canadian triathlete that doesn’t care what other people think. After spending her high school & college years as a “goth, punk rocker, artist type” (as she puts it) she moved to the freezing tundra of Ottawa, Canada for grad school and turned to running to stay warm. She quickly caught the triathlon bug and hasn’t back. After claiming her ITU National Age Group Champion title in her first year of racing, Rachel went full force into training and racing.

She works hard and it is paying off. She won 70.3 Austin, was 3rd at Ironman Canada after being first out of the water and then crushing the bike course record - she’s also quite the handy trail runner.

Rachel has some serious prowess on the race course and she won’t back down from any challenge. And I know she has set some mighty ones for herself…

The “Purple Tiger” is on the rise. And she will succeed. That intention shines.


Pictures: Mark Mackay Photography


  • The backstory to "Be The One" and what it means to Rachel
  • Going from mid to back of pack to leading out swims
  • The development of being a high performer
  • Growing up and Rachels journey to Tri
  • How her 'selfishness' impacts, inspires others
  • The origins of the Purple Tiger
  • Where her inspiration comes from
  • Getting after it
  • Adulting
  • Dealing with setbacks and it's not going to be 100% amazing all the time
  • The need to self-recognize 
  • Passion
  • Pivoting and change
  • Bike dominance
  • On not quitting
  • Struggling with post-race blues  
  • And much more awesome

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