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Today I have Jocelyn McCauley on the show. I met Jocelyn McCauley at the daylight mind cafe in Kona this year and we tried to get a podcast done in the craziness of race week. It didn’t happen, but we finally got there.

Jocelyn started the sport of swim bike run in 2013, in fact, she registered for her first 70.3 and shortly after found out she was pregnant. Well, she trained as much as she could and 11 weeks after the birth of her daughter she completed Muncie 70.3 in under 5 hours!

She went on to do her first Ironman and qualified for Kona. And in her second IM, she added IM World Champion to her name and first amateur female. Her first IM pro win was Mallorca in 2016 and then she won IMNZ in 2017 and ran a smoking 2:59. 10 in Kona this past October … This mum is the real deal and we speak about her trajectory and her lessons as a 2nd year pro. Many of these lessons we should heed.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did interviewing Jocelyn. 


- Self identity 
- Pro and AG - it's a different race
- Logistics of racing with a 3-month-old
- Her trajectory in the sport and how athletic background matters
- Fitting it all in being a mother and wife
- Visualizing 
- Making it and keeping it fun
- Her Jekyll and Hyde personality
- Breaking down her Kona race
- The 10 things she learned as a 2nd-year pro
- And so much more

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