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Today I have Simon Whitfield on the Fat Black. Simon shouldn’t need any introduction, however… For those that don’t know. Simon won the first Olympic gold in Sydney 2000 and in this interview he tells how he believes he got a leg up on every other competitor well before the course was even set. He won that event after going down on the bike with 14 others and worked his way back. I remember sitting in the stands with Charlotte watching that live and thinking damn near 2 hours is a long time to be racing. Who would’ve known some 17 years later I'd be having a conversation with Simon. Ahh, the poetry of life. 

Simon also won silver in Beijing a gold at the 2002 Commonwealth games among so many other medals was know for having a great kick in the finish straight. One of my favorite ever finishing pictures is the one above by the legend that is Dely Carr of Simon outsprinting Brad Kahlefeldt, Jan Frodeno and Kris Gemmell to the line at the Hyvee race for $200K… Absolutely Rivetting.

I really enjoyed my chat with Simon and especially why having and cultivating your imagination is so important.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that so you can fully enjoy. There's some big life lessons in here.

Image: Delly Carr


  • How Simon orchestrated his gold medal in Sydney
  • Chasing the ball and how it helps you find that little bit more
  • The connection of fiction with champions and why fiction is so important
  • Daily rituals and why you need to be disciplined with them
  • Why cultivating your imagination is so crucial to everything
  • Deliberate orchestration of that you wish to attain
  • Performance decision making
  • Losing self-authority of our attention span
  • What’s occupying your mental landscape
  • The overwhelming characteristics of champions like the Brownlee brothers, Daniela Ryf, Jan Frodeno, Chrissie Wellington, Nicole Spirig
  • Why maintaining your breath is everything
  • Creating and cultivating your environment to success
  • Keeping it simple
  • State story strategy
  • The benefits of a systematic process
  • On navigating an about end to a triathlon career
  • The butterfly story
  • The best response from Simon’s dad after he came second to Jan in Beijing
  • The importance of play
  • Nutrition
  • N+1 training
  • Biggest mistake athletes make in quest for performance

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Simon's musings

How to Whitfield your way to a win


Books mentioned

The Art of Learning

Remembrance of Earths Past series

  1. The 3 Body Problem
  2. The Dark Forest
  3. Deaths End

Butchers Crossing

The Paper Menagerie

The Last Neanderthal

The Color of Lightning

Children of Time

The Paul Kennedy Meat Debates


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