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Today I have Mike Maric on the show. Mike is a medically trained forensic scientist that loves freediving and he believes that the quality of a person's life depends on the quality of their breathing. On his website, he says “when you master your breathing, you'll master your body, your mind, your life “ - I believe there is a lot of truth in that statement. We are always looking for ways to improve performance, yet we typically overlook the simple but not easy ones. Sleep and breathing are two of those. 


  • Why breathing is the ultimate cross-training tool.
  • Breathing and life
  • Co2 training and why it helps with dealing with open water swimming. And why triathletes should learn and do flip turns in a pool and why Co2 tolerance is harder developing out of the pool
  • Repetition is needed.
  • Becoming the master of your breathing.
  • The science
  • All life is in the breathing
  • Making our muscles work better without oxygen
  • Where Mike’s mind is when he is about to do a big freedive
  • Reducing recovery time
  • Losing a friend and leaving the water
  • Defeating his two biggest enemies (himself and fear)
  • How to improves one breathing
  • And so much more

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