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Today’s guest is coach Jesse Kropelnicki who is the coach of two past professional athletes guests - Angela Naeth and Linsey Corbin.

What I like about Jesse and why he has had so much success is that it’s not just about the training. When things go pear-shaped most peoples knee-jerk reaction is “it must have been the training” - when most of the time it’s simply some other limiter that is getting in the way of being able to leverage the training. These limiters are typically daily nutrition, or race fuelling, race execution or simply the athlete's mental fitness is not there.

We get into the nitty-gritty in this conversation and as usual, there are great lessons that can help you in your quest to be a better athlete.


  • Managing your mental space for high performance
  • Why context in any situation matters
  • There is no balance
  • The strategy to fixing your limiters
  • The foundations of performance
  • Unorthodox training methods
  • Setting up your environment for success in training, business and in life
  • Durability and why that is a key ingredient
  • The critical system you need in place
  • The stress budget and why you need to understand this
  • And so much more

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