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Today’s Fat Black is with Brad Kearns a former professional triathlete who performed on the international triathlon circuit from 1986 to 1995 and won 31 events around the world. He’s also the co-author with Mark Sisson of Primal Endurance, and host of the Primal Endurance Podcast, and just released the Primal Endurance Online Mastery Course.

Brad and I speak about conventional wisdom and why we should question things. We talk on slowing down to go fast and we also go into an area of so much confusion which is nutrition and so much more.


  • Not accepting conventional wisdom
  • Why carb dependency means you have to keep stuffing your face with sugary carbs
  • How to get out of carb dependency and what it takes
  • The stress of it all
  • Maffetone Method
  • The advice from Mark Allen after Brad was getting his ass kicked week in week out no matter the training he put in. 
  • The Max Aerobic HR is totally relative to fitness level.
  • How to contribute to your demise in endurance sports
  • Avoiding extreme burnout
  • Buying into the first step
  • Not throwing the baby out with the bath water
  • On suffering
  • Fear of being lazy
  • Enjoying your workouts and getting better results
  • Cultivating the intuitive principles
  • Why you have to get over yourself!
  • The background problem of carry excess body fat and it’s not genetics
  • Step one of dietary modification that makes sense to all

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