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This week the tables are turned and I'm getting interviewed by non other than my awesome wife, Charlotte Paul. It's more a conversation about my experience of my first 100 mile run race through the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. Today's podcast is a long one... but you know what, the race was kinda long. 

As per usual, lots of lessons for all of us and I know how much it helps to go over and debrief a race. Because we can always find areas to improve upon. For me, this race was everything and more than I could have hoped for or imagined. 

The day before the race, there was this shop (unfortunately closed) across from the Blacktooth brewery where race registration was and it had this sign - "Today is a good day for a good day" -  it made me smile and I woke up with that in my head on race morning. Positivity IS a performance enhancer :)

Ok, Lets do this.



  • Why the hell run a 100 miler? 
  • Commitment to the goal
  • The training and getting it done, no matter the weather
  • My 3 goals for the event
  • The road trip down and making the best of suboptimal
  • Not being able to consume food for near 18 hours 
  • Missing my crew at 50k in
  • My organisational mistakes
  • Flirting with hypothermia (again)
  • Being adaptable to what mother nature throws at you on the day
  • The pacing strategy
  • Keeping my head entertained for 24 hours
  • The major lessons
  • Coaches messages
  • It takes a team to succeed
  • The standoff with a Moose

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