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This week I have the first person I ever spoke to in the sport of Triathlon. Teresa Rider was the then partner of John Hill (our first coach) and was a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Teresa proves that you’re never too old to start and etch away at blowing the doors off of what’s possible. She started at 33 years young.

With NO swim background Teresa breastroked her way through her first Triathlon swim. She went on to Ironman and did Kona 12 times with 9 podiums, two of those being an age group World Champion.

Teresa is married to Scott Jones a man I have so much respect for and someone that is like a brother too me. He was part of the Triathlon World Summit and you can listen to his fantastic interview here [FB#160] this is one power couple that is for sure.

I’m stoked to have been part of this amazing woman's journey and she played a massive part in both Charlotte’s and mine for which I have so much gratitude for.

Enjoy this and listen with both ears. A lot of wisdom and knowledge from Teresa. Over 2 decades in the sport, retired healthy and injury free. Success leaves clues.

Lets do this.



  • From party girl to triathlete and beyond
  • Developing resiliency and thus longevity
  • Breastroking her first Triathlon to winning her age group in Kona (twice)
  • Why a coach matters
  • A big key to getting fast
  • It's not talent, but you can expose 'talent'
  • You must develop this skill set to have any sort of success
  • Why breaks are good
  • The benefits of this sport
  • Giving back and paying it forward
  • And so much more

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