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Well… there have been no podcasts due to the simple fact of moving back to Whistler and all the craziness around that and then moving in and getting everything done before this trip to Bighorn 100 for my 100 miler.

Honestly I just ran out of time to edit one from Teresa Rider and another from Chris Kelly. They will be out on our return along with a special episode (I’ll keep under wraps) and then once the results are in, a follow up with InsideTracker on my post 100miler bloods.

Ok… so today is just a quick one from musings on the road and a lesson to me and that can help you out

Lets do this. 



  • Why we need to create urgency for important but not urgent tasks and how it helps your goals including race goals.
  • The importance of scheduling
  • A 'new' goal setting process I'm in love with. 
  • Committing to a goal when there is so much other FUN things to do
  • The best feedback loop that keeps you motivated

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