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Today we have a friend, someone I’ve coached in Ironman and someone who supported Charlotte and I back in Australia with Nike. Now Mike may work and love Nike but he is not biased towards the brand in such a way that - no not everyone should run in Nike. In fact in todays conversation we do talk about who the best person is to listen too when it comes to shoe choice. 

We blow the doors off pronation, we talk run mechanics, whats important, the show industry and of course this little project of Breaking 2. Theres a link in the show notes @ that links to nikes page for the live event. I might just be cracking open a beer any 8:45pm Friday night here in Canada.  

Ok lets get into it. 


  • What's important when it comes to shoes and running
  • Run mechanics
  • The shoe industry
  • Shoes and injuries
  • The one thing with running you have to make the one thing
  • Who you should listen to when it comes to shoe choice
  • What pronation is and does it matter
  • How to ensure success in your running shoes
  • How many miles or kilometers you run in shoes
  • Looking after your shoes
  • Nikes breaking2
  • And more

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Nike Breaking2 Run



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