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This week I get to virtually sit down with John Kelly. The 15th finisher at the Barkley Marathon - which has been going for way more years than finishers of the event. It’s really the end point of ultra running. If you haven’t watched the Netflix doco do it.

John is a husband and in his words to an incredible wife, the proud father of 3 kids under the age of 3 (the latest addition are twins) - he works as a data scientist in a start up in Washington DC and he runs, bikes, hikes to support his ability to do his job with a clear mind. And he does swim but only because he likes to race and challenge himself in triathlons.

John is racing Kona this year and after his recent Barkley success and the amount of interviews his had.. I did not want this to be another same same interview focusing on the Barkley. No, I wanted to dig deeper and have a conversation around making it work with a very young family (shows how real communication allows it to work), and how he uses his commute to do hie training. How he got the necessary elevation training done in an essentially flat area, his training, the mental differences between ultra running and racing Ironman and some really great stuff on goals.

I really enjoyed this conversation and there are many take home points that if implemented will not only help bring out the best versions of ourselves but make us better athletes.

Ok lets get into it.



- The benefit of adapting your goals in the race
- Developing the confidence to keep pushing when things go south
- Lessons of self
- The 3 priorities when setting goals
- Getting it done in a time compressed environment
- The mental differences between Ironman racing and ultra running
- The performance benefits on hiking
- The training
- Believing it's possible, even at a stretch
- Failures
- And more

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