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This week I get to have a super fun conversation with multiple Xterra and Off Road World Champion Lesley Paterson. Lesley's story is an  inspirational one from early success to quickly becoming disillusioned with the sport when sports scientist tried to bake her in the 'one size fits all' performance mould. After bunch of years off she got reacquainted to getting muddy (past rugby days... yes you read that right) and chiseled herself to become an Xterra World Champion. Throw in Lyme disease into the mix, learning to deal with negative Nora and all the other mental conundrums that we athletes face on a daily basis... mix in her sports psychologist hubby Simon and very soon you to can have an exceptional book in your hands that could be life changing for you.

Reading it won't do that... rolling up your sleeves and creating awareness of your inner self  and doing the exercise contained within will help. The book is hilarious and super practical. And with a title "The Brave Athlete - Calm the Fuck Down and Rise to the Occasion" how can it not be a winner.

Lesley is the real deal. The Scottish lass doesn’t mind dropping an f-bomb to two and is just passionate about helping others rise to the occasion. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with her and I know you will too. 

LET’s do it. 



  • The story
  • Not fitting the mould
  • Overcoming the hurdles
  • The gradual process
  • The Why
  • Asking Why! Be a 3 year old.
  • Our existential crisis
  • Why not giving a shit can be the catalyst to your best ever results
  • The need and the reason for gratitude
  • Our 3 brains
  • Lesley's alter ego and why it's needed
  • The single most important psychological trail we need.




Get the Book:

The Brave Athlete - Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion

The other book mentioned in this episode

A Curious Mind - Brian Grazer

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