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This week I chat with TS LIFER, and king juggler Tim Corbett.

Tim is happily married 5 time Ironman has 5 kids and juggles family, business, coaching and competing. Right now Tim should be a 6x IMer but his most recent one in stunning Taupo NZ was done in dusted in a sub 10min time (something we discuss in the show).

He has a passion for making Ironman training and competing, family friendly helping ‘normal’ mums and dads become Iron-parents.

With a background in sport science, behaviour change and marketing, he is the Director of Thinking at Deep Limited, a specialist health advertising and marketing agency. Tim looks to mix research with real life experience so doing Ironman not only makes you fitter and faster but a better mum or dad. Your legs will only take you so far, it’s your heart that gets you across the line.

A strong believer in the power of the team, he believes Ironman should not be pursued as an individual sport but as a chance to grow communities.

His wife, Catherine, is a strong believer in the power of the ‘weapon of mass distraction’. Expensive, shiny pieces of jewellery that ‘distract’ from the pain of watching, waiting and dealing with the whining.

Grab yourself a tasty beverage and enjoy.


  • Weapons of mass distraction
  • Why you need to know your partner! 
  • Ironman training spin offs
  • Doubling up and how it's a key to making it all work.
  • Significant supporter tips
  • Why we're privileged 
  • The right type of bank deposits 
  • Smart insurance
  • And more candid conversation


Books mentioned

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway


The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman (the most critical ironman training book you need)





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