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This week Kristian virtually sits down again with Dr Phil Maffetone to discuss fitness and health. How they don't always share the same bed and that endurance athletes aren't getting heart issues so much due to partaking in these immensely rewarding and enjoyable pathways but more likely how they're are going about them. As athletes we aren't immune to the typical yet avoidable western diseases - and these diseases necessarily increased due to the fields we play on. So today we get down to whats truly important, so you can live life big and be healthy whilst doing it. 



  • The big picture is not being looked at
  • Why we need to change the terminology
  • High fat burn equals less symptoms
  • What your % of fat oxidation is versus sugar burn all the way up through higher intensities
  • Why people die from preventable diseases
  • The international cuisine and why it's sad
  • Low grade inflammation
  • Were not finding the causes due to our want of the quick fix
  • And more


The paper: Athletes: Fit But Unhealthy!



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