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Today we have the pleasure of sharing the story of Ironman Blueprint athlete, Graham Monteith with you. Graham's journey into the sport began with a quest to improve his health;  with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes,  and an unhealthy lifestyle, he needed to take control of his life, and health. Graham openly shares how he managed to get full control of his diabetes, embracing not just the LCHF lifestyle but by going deeper into ketosis to manage his blood sugar responses. He shares valuable tips on how to make LCHF easy, and how you can still function and race. We love Graham's story, because he took control and got his life back.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • The real dangers of carb-dependancy 
  • Eating a "balanced diet"
  • Having a reason to change 
  • Being fit & unhealthy 
  • Beating diabetes 
  • Going all in with ketosis 
  • Integrating LCHF with the family 
  • To measure or not to measure
  • Controlling your food

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