The Endurance Specific Podcast

Today Pete and I kick start our performance series were will (over time) breakdown all the little parts it takes to be as successful as you can in this sport or any endurance sport for that matter. Many things cross over and the main differences will be training prescription and required skill sets for different sports. Today we start with building consistency and how you build belief and confidence. 


  • What it takes to be successful.
  • Being consistently present.
  • Getting realistic with your life circumstances.
  • How health leads to consistency.
  • Making the commitment to showing up.
  • Why you need more downtime.
  • Believing it before you see it.
  • The WHITEBOARD method.
  • Consistency → Belief → Confidence.
  • The power of positive reinforcement.
  • The little coach in your head.
  • Attaching the physical to the mental.



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