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Today Pete and I are speaking with Martin Schoenfelder from Cosinuss, who leading the way in wearable technology with a very cool, very handy device that measures Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability as well as Core Temperature.

Martin has joined us today to talk about the device, how it works and a little bit about why endurance athletes would want to pay attention to their core temperatures.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Meet Martin Schoenfelder, Sports Scientist and Biologist working with Cosinuss.
  • The work of 7 years of development.
  • How the Cosinuss works; using optical measurements to read HRV, HR and core temperature.
  • Understanding core temperature and brain function.
  • How core temperature affects performance.
  • The optimal core temperature for you.
  • Keeping cool.
  • The value of real-time feedback.
  • Connecting the device with open-source data transfer.
  • How your coach could monitor your vitals using Cosinuss.
  • New additions of the Cosinuss tech -  some exciting applications!

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