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Today Pete and I have Ariel Garten, one of the founders of Muse 'your personal meditation assistant' with brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds helping you develop zen like focus. We all know we need to reduce the noise and regain focus to be as efficient and effective as possible and Pete and I are looking forward to getting our mitts on a set of these. 

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Meet Ariel Garten the founder of Muse.
  • How a brain-sensing headband can teach you to be calm.
  • Mind-wandering VS Focused Attention.
  • The feedback that muse provides, and why it is so valuable.
  • Understanding mediation better.
  • How smartphones can help change our brains (for the better).
  • Tracking real-time progressions and improvements.
  • Shutting down the internal dialogue.
  • The neuroscience of meditation.
  • Where you can get Muse.

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Connect with Muse on Twitter <– Get the Bottlenecks project.

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