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Today Pete and I have the host of the great Endurance Planet podcast Tawnee Prazak on the Fat Black. Tawnee is a triathlete and triathlon coach living in Laguna Beach, Calif, and like us has a huge passion for endurance sports.

She has a master’s-level education in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning. Has been involved in the endurance world for nearly a decade, and is considered one of today’s leading experts in the field of endurance training, racing, strength training, nutrition and wellness. When not podcasting, Tawnee coaches and consults with triathletes and endurance athletes around the globe. She is also a freelance writer, speaker, fitness model, and healthy cooking aficionado.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • A paradigm shift being driven by coaches.
  • The background and laying the path to 'wrecking' health.
  • Falling in love with endurance sports.
  • Working with functional practitioners.
  • Hormone testing
  • Using an elimination diet to problem solve.
  • Understanding the different testing.
  • The female athlete triad.
  • The MAF method: getting real with it.
  • Measuring energy balances in female athletes.


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