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Today we speak with new Whistler local Kirsten Sweetland, the 2006 junior world champion, 2013 U/23 World Champs silver medalist and Glasgow Commonwealth games silver medalist on her quest to make it on the Canadian Olympic team for Rio after missing out on making the teams for Beijing and London due to injuries.  We love Kirsten's mindset and how she has seen the positive side of learning much more about her body while working through parasitic and bacterial infections after racing in dirty water Stockholm. When she gets fit and strong .. We'd say look out!

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Why Train in Whistler in winter.
  • Dealing with setbacks and the privilege of hardship.
  • The domino effects of a suboptimal choice.
  • Working through 18 months of parasite and bacterial issues from dirty water in a race.
  • Developing a strong mental strategy.
  • Breathing patterns.
  • Understanding what stress is.
  • Learning to stay positive through adversity.
  • The pressure of an Olympic year.
  • Working with the Red Bull team.
  • Understanding Flow State.
  • Letting go of the 1%-ers.
  • Kirsten’s biggest mistake and the lesson (Age groupers take note).

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