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Today is all about value. The value you place in not only your goals and ambitions, but the value place in the process to get there. We live in the era of “now” - everyone wants  something now(!) and most of the time they want to do it for “free” - not always in the monetary sense, but in the form of minimal commitment.

This is a demanding and sport and you have to be prepared to commit.

We also spend time breaking down the components of Todd Herman’s episode from last week - so go back and listen to that first if you haven’t already.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Why investing in your performance is important
  • Learning to invest in yourself, the right way
  • Why free = zero value to you
  • What free is going to cost you in the long run
  • The dangers of an exit strategy
  • The truth
  • Making the right decisions
  • Amateurs thinking like professionals
  • Asking yourself the right questions
  • Using mindset to shape your lens
  • Creating your alter ego in detail

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