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Today we have Todd Herman on the show. Todd is exceptionally good at high performance coaching/advisory, has worked with Pro/Olympic athletes all over the world on the Mental Game. He also advises C-Level execs on building high-performing teams (mainly tech and hedge funds) & business owners on deleting, subtracting and removing activities they shouldn't be doing and recently started a VC company.

Todd has coached thousands upon thousands of athletes on developing their mental game while helping them craft their alter egos that allow them to level up big time.

Make sure you are present for this podcast with pen and paper to take notes. Todd gives us some work to do, but if you do the work you'll get the rewards. 

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Not using practice time/training correctly and missing out on stacking
  • Why you need to create time and space
  • Understanding your sport and what it is about is key to high performance
  • Using the Pareto principle to best effect
  • 90 days
  • How to break a paradigm 
  • The why and how to build your alter egos
  • The Personal Limiter Analysis
  • The Talent Magnifier
  • The Origin Profile
  • The Artifact Enhancer
  • The Immersion Experience
  • Using the 6 senses and which is the most untapped
  • A different take on visualisation how to
  • The imposter syndrome
  • The power of writing it down
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