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After months of trying we finally lock down ultra runner, world record holder, F.A.S.T.E.R study guinea pig and all round good guy Zach Bitter to chat to Pete and I on the Fat Black about OFM and all the things that truly matter. 

Zach cuts through the noise and is one smart guy. 

Take note and apply and you'll put the ball in your court. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Zach’s background and journey
  • Getting to OFM Zen
  • The right way and wrong way to getting fat adapted
  • What kills OFM
  • The importance of lifestyle
  • The truths about burnout.
  • How the answers have changed when  it comes to benchmark data numbers
  • How to make carbs truly boost your performance
  • How to manipulate your nutrition to serve you best in training and racing
  • How to not lose your top end
  • The hard reset
  • The real benefits of LCHF and OFM for performance
  • Insights into Zach’s participation in the FASTER study.
  • And more.

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