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Wow.. Episode 100 of the Fat Black podcast and we are excited to bring to you a great interview with Skratch labs founder and all round endurance sports scientist heavy hitter Dr Allen Lim.

As you can see from the podcast image, Lim likes to have fun in life and his companies values really resonate with us here at TriSpecific. Today we go into such an important topic of endurance sports training and racing and where so many athletes make mistakes.

More than that we go into a point that will help you improve you life.

Because... That's whats important to us here at TriSpecific ... Yes we help improve your Triathlon performances but it's also highly important to us that your health is improved as is your life. It's the way we roll.

Enjoy our 100th episode of the Fat Black.

In Today’s Episode We Cover:

  • How Skratch Labs came to be; the Secret Drink Mix.
  • What Dr. Lim learnt on the  Pro Tour and working with different athletes.
  • Testing your sweat rate and sodium concentration.
  • Which test is the most accurate and why.
  • Understanding your individuality.
  • Learning to be more intuitive.
  • Why sodium is so important to athletes.
  • Understanding the relevance of magnesium in your electrolyte profile.
  • Over-consumption during races.
  • Learning the best strategies for race fuelling in different conditions.
  • Understanding cramping.
  • Too little sodium VS too much.
  • Racing in hot climates.
  • Managing/removing your bottlenecks
  • Happiness VS Ambitions.
  • And more awesome…

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