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Ok this week I was meant to bring you my conversations with a successful entrepreneur, businessman, AG Ironman and 70.3 World champion but we had some connectivity challenges. The editing just wasn’t going to cut it so we have rescheduled that for next week.

So… You have me again, maybe with a little ranting only done with love because I rather have all of us rise up, fight the good fight and achieve great things. So this one's an off the cuff episode of some of the things I see too much of (things that I’ve done) and things that just are screwing you over when it comes to bring out performances that are within you.



  • It's not about being smarter it's about making less stupid decisions
  • Common nutrition mistakes
  • Race pacing
  • Doing efforts correctly
  • On finding Mojo
  • Why the fight
  • Some additions to last weeks GRIT episode

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