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Today Pete and I wanted to take a step back and look at the foundations. The true fundamental ingredients or as we call them 'Pillars' to reaching your potential in this sport of triathlon.

In todays age and right now there seems to be a push to hacking this and hacking that. Don't get us wrong - there are indeed some useful 'hacks' to improve performance but like anything - if the fundamentals aren't in place those hacks aren't going to be as potent as they could be.

As James Clear recently put on a great post (linked below) "The thing is, when you look at how the top performers in the world operate and examine what is really going on in their minds and bodies, you often see the complete opposite of a hack. You see repetitions and consistency."

Those last two points ... repetitions and consistency are the WAY! Period.

What We Cover:

  • The 3 pillars to triathlon success and the order they NEED to be focused on
  • Why one particular part of one of the pillars needs to be incorporated as part of your training session and not the way it's typically done (or worse, not done)
  • Simple thoughts on nutrition "Food is INFORMATION for your body" 
  • Fascia and why it's important to look after .. if you don't want to get injured.
  • A simple real hydration formula that WILL get the needed minerals to your soft tissue ... but you need to do a little something else to fix your irrigation
  • Learning to LISTEN to what's important (covers each pillar)
  • The biggest performance killer
  • Simplifying training
  • What repetition really teaches you
  • Data tracking and importance of being in-tune
  • How to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your training
  • and a whole lot more



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On this weeks Friday Fat Black , Pete and I have the pleasure of having my much better half Charlotte Paul on show.

In this episode we wanted to cover what every single one of us goes through in life - not just our sporting endeavours but also LIFE.


We are all going to fail at some time and that is OK. In fact, it's more then ok ... it's absolutely crucial to becoming successful. Instead of trying to avoid mistakes at all costs, aim to seek opportunities that will lead you to facing your limits (and they're usually ones that ARE self imposed) so that you can learn quickly.

I bet you if you ever look back upon times in your life which led to major growth or successful moments that they were preceded by mistakes, and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.

As you'll hear about in this episode Charlotte had many failures on her journey to winning her first Ironman in a handy time of 9:00:55 and more after that which led to further successes. I've had my fair share and I guarantee there will be more.

Pete talks about his 'failure' at Ironman Cairns recently.

The key .. the absolute key is learning the lessons. To do so you have to be open to receiving them.

Sit back and relax and learn how failing fast and failing often can be your ticket to the greatest successes you've ever had.

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In todays Friday Fat Black Pete and I discuss stress and it's impacts on your body, especially when it comes to adrenal fatigue (something that I've been dealing with as a post issue of celiac diagnosis last year and something I'm writing about that will inevitably help you because for me it was the 'perfect storm'). What we forget or don't acknowledge is that stress is a stress is a stress and what I mean here is that the more stress we pile on from our lifestyles means the less training stress we can tolerate.

We also go into using HRV (heart rate variability) as a way to track our stress responses in real time. The kicker here is that you might not even feel stressed but your sympathetic nervous (fight-or-flight) system is actually on overdrive and using the tracking apps and devices we link to below can help you become aware of this and create ways to minimise the SNS activity which when chronic will lead to break down and potentially adrenal fatigue.

And finally we jump into one of the biggest stressors we load onto ourselves and this is sleep debt.

Enjoy and as we said in the podcast ... let us know in the comments what you want us to discuss and we will randomly choose a winner to give some cool TriSpecific and Trigger Point swag.

What we cover:

  • The NUMBER ONE saboteur of your performance
  • The major difference in a pro endurance athlete and you the AG endurance athlete is the...
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Mind-body Connection
  • Heart Rate Variability specifically LF/HF values
  • Breathing and how it effects both your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Sleep debt
  • and more


Stress and performance:

Stress and HRV:

SweatBeat App:

Heart Rate Strap to use with SweetBeatLife:

Wahoo Fitness Tickr or Tickr Run

Understanding HRV:

How to switch off and relax:

Sleep and performnace:

Getting better sleep:
Sunrise clocks



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In todays podcast Pete and I talk about the BIKE ... quite fitting because the TDF starts tomorrow and we all love riding our bikes.

We discuss how to effectively and efficiently train the bike by looking into the 5 important systems we must train to reach our potential on the bike and become strong so we can race fast in Iron distance races.

What We Cover:

  • The 5 Systems and what they are
  • Fatigue ... it's not all the same
  • We go into each of the 5 systems and speak the why, and how we use and what we use.


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In todays Friday Fat Black Pete and chew the fat on developing mental fortitude and how attitude and how you train can help you develop the mental toughness needed to reach your potential.

What We Cover:

  • Session examples
  • 5 keys to Mental Strength
  • Where mental strength is developed in training
  • Where athletes let themselves down
  • Focus
  • What Pete learnt in Cairns Ironman - so bloody important to further successes
  • Race and Training reflections - why they're super important

Episode Sponsor:

CGC-Flag-Trans (1)



Challenge Gold Coast is set to become one of those must do bucket list races on the Australian calendar. It’s a spectacular course – nice creek swim, undulating and challenging bike course through Currumbin and Tallebudgera Valleys (with King of the Mountain ‘The Beast’ section timed separately) and run with stunning water views along Currumbin creek, Currumbin and Tugun beaches. Entries are selling fast and will likely close off in the next week or two. Don't miss out on this inaugural Challenge race.

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Success Quote:

  • "Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you." -- Bethany Hamilton

Show Links:

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This weeks FFB Pete and I get to chew the fat with super successful coach Sergio Borges who not only has 128 Kona qualifiers to his name but isn't afraid to think and coach outside the box which obviously resonates with Pete and I.

Sergio has dedicated the last 19 years to studying the ART and science of triathlon training. During this time, he has competed in hundreds of races of all distances including 21 Ironman races around the world (9:38 PR), over 60 half ironmans (4:12 PR), qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships seven times (so far). Sergio has also been nominated as "All American" by USA Triathlon, 9 times. After over 10 years of investment banking, he decided to apply his expertise to personal triathlon coaching. Sergio is a certified Level III USA Triathlon coach, Level II ITU Triathlon Coach, Level II USA cycling coach, coached the USA Elite, Junior Elite and U23 team at the World Duathlon in Switzerland in 2003 and the U23 Tri national team in 2004. Also has worked with USAT at the Collegiate National Camps, Recruitment Camps, lecturing at the Coaching Level I and II Clinics and writes for 3 sport magazines. Sergio was involved in the FIRST ever Paratriathlon Camp organized by CAF, is the founder of the JCC Triathlon Master Program and the Kids XTeam Triathlon Club.

In 2004 he developed his own method – Inverted Training Periodisation and have since perfect it making Ironman Champions, Top 3 in 70.3 Races and many AG podiums around the World. Sergio combines his vast experience coaching athletes of all ages and abilities with a fundamental belief in the need for an individualised and realistic training plan for each athlete achieve his or her goal -- from staying healthy to becoming a champion!

What We Cover:

  • The periodisation model truly needed for triathletes and it's not to whats typically focused on
  • Load Consistency
  • Why fitness cannot and should not be rushed
  • What you have to bring to the table
  •  Why neuromuscular efficiency is key to long course success
  • What really needs to be focused on first
  • What NEEDS to come before you add volume
  • The truth about swimming and its importance in half and full iron distance racing
  • Basically we chew the fat on so much more to help you be your best


Inverted Periodisation
Sergio Borges X Training on Facebook
Endurance Movie with Haile Gebrselassie

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Episode #32 of the Friday Fat Black has to be one of our best and longest yet. Pete and I get the pleasure of speaking with Greg Muller of Pure-Athlete. Greg completely blows us away with his knowledge on what's truly important to get the performances you desire.

What We Cover:

  • Major learnings and lessons of Performance from the military
  • One of the biggest disciplines you need to acquire to ensure success
  • The true foundations of Performance
  • Preparation underpins everything
  • Standards for Performance
  • How being too strict can make performance fall away
  • Why having the fundamentals are paramount
  • Hyperbolic Discounting, what it is and why it matters
  • How thoughts and belief systems affect performance
  • The most important question we have to ask and continually ask
  • Biochemical Individuality
  • The two different mindsets and which one you need to have for success in sport and life
  • Praxis - The integration of belief and behaviour
  • The importance of critical thinking
  • The two things that illicit change
  • The laws of learning
  • The 'tapes' we play in our head
  • The Totem Pole
    • Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Emotions, Nutrition, Bodycare and Exercise
  • Justifications - the question to really ask ourselves
  • The simple breathing formula to check stress levels
  • Pure Athlete products, what and why they came about
  • Recovery and it's importance - especially relaxing the mind
  • What counts
  • And so much more


TriSpecific FFB listener 20% discount code: pureaust and since the payments are in euro, don't worry Greg will look after you with some bonus products. 

Pure Athlete Recovery and the Totem Pole

Book Recommendations:
Power Versus Force

Your Body's Many Cries For Water

Water Logged

You can connect with Greg via

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Today's Friday Fat Black comes to your from Far North Queensland (FNQ) as athletes gear up for Ironman this weekend. Pete and I cover some great tips for those racing and even if you're not racing these tips are going to help you. We discuss goals, attitudes, choices, mental states and how rushing performance on race day can ultimately kill your performance.

What we cover:

  • Racing Ironman
  • Head Stuff, mental agility
  • Were the head goes the body follows
  • Are focusing on goals and outcomes hurting your performance
  • Self Sabotage
  • Choices
  • Attitudes
  • Rushing Performance
  • TriSpecific's Pillars to Triathlon Success
  • The #NewTarmac from Specialized and Kristian trip to the Dandenongs to ride it



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In episode 30 of the Friday Fat Black, Pete and I get to speak with TS and recent sub 10 hour athlete and ALL BLACKS Strength & Conditioning Coach Nicholas Gill on all things recovery. Nic understands that his athletes need to be able to work hard, recover quickly so that they adapt quickly and can get stuck back into more work. Thus creating optimal performance.


It's through this work and with multitudes of other elite athletes that Nic has a great handle on the recovery methods to use. He has also written numerous papers and peered revied journals on the subjects of compression and cold therapy.


What we cover:

  • The all important recovery strategies

  • The recovery KING

  • What your days should start with

  • Compression, the what, the how, the when, the type and the ALL BLACKS policy on them.

  • Can compression garments actually hinder performance?

  • When most injuries happen

  • The mental side of recovery methods

  • Can recovery be enhanced too much and affect the stress we want and need on the body to improve?

  • Cold Baths - do they really work?

  • Strategies for time poor athletes

  • The 5 key things that need to be covered for optimal tissue health

  • The backbone of performance … and what kills it

  • Some simple things to do when your tired and to not let recovery go out the window

  • Salt Baths … why?




Nicholas Gill (All Blacks S&C Coach)




Sports Pump / Graduated Compression boots


Trigger Point Tools




Dont have a bath … how about these options


kids pools

Ants pants blow up baths

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In todays podcast Pete and I get to interview successful age grouper, businessman and family man Ricky Jeffs of the erdigroup and Urban Hotel group.

Ricky has been involved in triathlon since 1985 and has done 15 Ironmans while running a very successful and busy business. In this episode Ricky gives us some amazing insights on both business and in Ironman. There are so many great things in this podcast you'll have to listen again and again so you can implement and thus help with your own life success. One of my favourites was getting inspired from best practice.

We Cover:


  • What it takes to get more out of your race day and your sport
  • What's really important
  • The value of patience, working hard and being realistic with your life circumstances
  • Choices
  • The Schedule
  • Motivation
  • Goals
  • That Anything is Possible in Life
  • How to be ready when the stars align and what you have to do when the opportunities present themselves
  • How to get stuff done in a busy life
  • The benefits of a good team
  • Why having a mentor is key
  • A little mind hack to improve your brain!
  • And so much more #moreawesome stuff.



Les Erdi Biography "Whatever It Is, This Is What It Is" 
This is the book I picked up "stole" from Urban Brisbane and if you're interested in success in life and business then get yourself a copy.

Jack Welch Book "Winning"

Urban Hotel

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